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Our 4-Week Momentum Masterclass will arm you with the tools and knowledge you need to master your own comprehensive marketing funnel.

With our one-on-one trainings, exclusive access to all our step-by-step videos, and lifetime membership to our online community, you are sure to become a master of marketing.

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What is the Momentum Masterclass?

During this 4-Week course, we will walk you through, step-by-step, how to develop, manage and optimize a comprehensive marketing funnel that is sure to bring you quality leads.  We will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need, so that you never have to wonder if what you’re doing is working ever again.

Over the course of these four weeks, we will be covering the following topics:

  • Week-1:  Building Your Brand
  • Week-2:  Growing Your Community
  • Week-3:  Running Paid Advertising
  • Week-4:  Nurturing Your Leads

You will be granted access to a “member’s only” portal, containing video trainings for you to watch, learn and follow.  We will also provide you with downloadable templates and workbooks to use, so that you are setup for complete success.

Still not convinced this course if for you…

Not only are you given access to your own private training portal, you will be invited to join our private Momentum Masterclass Facebook Group.  Here you will be apart of a community of like-minded people, all wanting to become a master of marketing in their business.

This group is where you can post questions you need answered, share feedback to others, and more.  Not only that, this group will be a safe place for you to share your wins to help motivate others, and share your struggles when you need that added support!  And the greatest thing about this group…you’re a member FOR LIFE!!!

So you may ask, “What does each week look like?”

Each week, we will start your Monday off right with a 30-minute Mindset Call.  We will host the call Live in our private Momentum Masterclass Facebook Group. Going live will allow all attendees the opportunity to drop comments and questions in the chat as we cover topics that will “get your mind right!” But don’t worry, if you can’t attend the call, all calls will be recorded and available in the Facebook Group for you to go back and listen at your convenience.

You will also have a personal, one-on-one training call with us to discuss any questions you may have about what you learned in each week’s module.  We will block out 1-hour with you on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, at a time that is most convenient for you.

Lastly, we’ll end every week with a personal check-in via email on Fridays.  This check-in will give us to chance to ensure you’re ready to move onto the next module, and address any issues you may have before moving forward.

For your easy viewing pleasure, here is the Weekly Breakdown:

Mondays – 30-minute Mindset Calls Live in the Facebook Group

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday* – 1-hr One-on-one Training

*Every member gets to schedule their 1-hr training on either Tues., Wed., or Thurs. based on the availability/convenience of their schedule

Friday – Personal Check-in via Email

Our 4-week Momentum Masterclass is perfect for you if…

  • You are in your first 1-3 years of business
  • You get the majority of your business from referrals
  • You’re tired of chasing unqualified leads
  • You have never completed a strategic marketing campaign
  • You don’t know what a landing page, lead magnet or sales funnel is
  • You would like to have a more steady and consistent flow of business

WK-1:  Building Your Brand

Training Videos:

  • The Importance of Building a Personal Brand
  • Developing Brand Guidelines
  • How to Create Brand Consistency

One-on-one Training:

During this first week, we will schedule a one-on-one consultation.  During this 1-hour call, we will discuss your current marketing strategies, your goals and complete a brand assessment.

After the consultation, based on our assessment of your brand and your individual needs, we will develop three (3) branded materials of your choosing.  Branded items include, but are not limited to, the list below:

  • Email Signature
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Email Template for Monthly Newsletter
  • Thank You Cards
  • Customizable Branded One-Sheet Template (Editable)

WK-2:  Growing Your Community

Training Videos:

  • The Power of Consistency: The Importance of Having a Content Calendar & How to Create One
  • How to Develop a Content Strategy
  • How to Setup Your Business Manager Account

One-on-one Training:

During this week’s call, we will discuss ideas of content to share with your community, and answer any questions on how to develop a content strategy that works for your audience. We will strategize with you, helping you to develop a plan of action that will build your community engagement and brand awareness.

WK-3:  Running Paid Advertising

Training Videos:

  • Paid Advertising Best Practices
  • Creating Copy + Content that will Attract Your Audience
  • Getting Started: Research + Targeting
  • How to Setup, Manage & Optimize Your Ad
  • Setting Up Your Landing Page

One-on-one Training:

During this week’s call, we will look at the ad(s) that you’ve created to make sure you’ve implemented what was taught in the training videos correctly. This will be our time to navigate any questions or confusion you’ve had while setting up your ad(s). We will answer any questions you might have about targeting your audience, how to optimize to receive the best results, as well as, lend our advice and give you our recommendations for future campaigns.

WK-4:  Nurturing Your Leads

Training Videos:

  • What is Lead Nurturing: How to Take Your Leads from Cold to Hot
  • The Power of Email Marketing
  • Hands-Off Marketing:  Setting Up Your Automations

One-on-one Training:

During this final week’s call, we will first address any questions you have about what you learned in the training videos. This will be our time to navigate any questions or confusion you’ve had while setting up your automations.

Since this is our last one-on-one training, we will also take this time to make sure you have been set up for the greatest success.  We will make sure that you have no further questions, concerns or doubts about successfully implementing your own strategic comprehensive marketing funnel.  If you don’t feel like you are a master of marketing yet, we’ll address it on this call!

Want to Join Our Masterclass?

Book a 15-minute phone consultation with us to express your interest in joining the Momentum Masterclass.  Upon receiving your request to join, we will call you on the scheduled day and time to discuss where you are in your marketing journey and how this masterclass will benefit you.

After the consultation, if you’re still interested in joining our community and becoming your own master of marketing, we will get you started in the enrollment process.