We Are Libre.

A little bit about Libre…

Libre is a full-service freelance marketing agency based in Kansas City. Our name is derived from the Spanish meaning “to be free”​ or “free from”. At Libre, we write our own rules, breaking free from the boundaries frequently encountered when working with your traditional marketing agency.

As freelancers, we are able to work one-on-one with you, providing you a more intimate and transparent experience. In doing that, we’ve trimmed the fat and eliminated the hurdles that make it harder for you to see growth. Stop paying for more than what you’re getting, and collaborate with us to see your brand without boundaries.

Get to know us…

We want to introduce ourselves, so you can get to know the masterminds behind Libre!  We are Megan + Tayler, and in May of 2017, we set out on our own adventure to empower small businesses through digital marketing! We’ve made it our mission to provide the same professional-level skills and services as your typical agency but at affordable flexible prices, fitting within the budgets of small businesses! We are so grateful that we get to do what we love every day and that we can better serve our communities in the best way we know how.


Megan Bartusek


Tayler Marquess


When we're not at Happy Hour...

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