There is no question that small businesses are taking a huge hit with the coronavirus currently keeping everyone inside or apart from one another. A lot of people are losing their jobs, unable to pay upcoming bills— and business owners are no longer able to pay their employees… even just a little bit. I believe that we are able to band together during such a crisis and unite not just as a community but as a city, state and country. So how can you support these businesses so they can stay afloat and pay their expenses and their employees? 

  1. If a restaurant or store is offering pick up, delivery or curbside services, take them up on it. Even if you can’t enjoy the dine-in service or meet with your friends for a meal, supporting a business this way at least allows a business and their employees to keep the lights on. While it may not be much, it is something. 
  2. Buy a gift card(s) for a friend— or even for yourself! With a gift card, either yourself or your friend can now help support a business or even in the future when all of this is over. 
  3. For your favorite online educators, buy that e-book, take that course, buy those presets, etc. Learn that skill you’ve been wanting to become an expert on or even gift a marketing course to a friend in the small business industry, so that they can take this time to learn a skill they may not have experience in. 
  4. For our friends in healthcare, drop off a bottle of wine on their doorstep or get them groceries delivered to their door. As you can imagine, they are under immense stress trying to keep those of us who are sick with this virus, safe— as well as those who are panicking because of the chaos or even for those who just have the common flu or other illness. 
  5. Be realistic about what you need and what you don’t. Live in an apartment building? Post in your community board about offering to donate your extra pantry items and TOILET PAPER to those who have compromised immune systems and can’t get out of their homes.

Now is not a time to think about yourself when you know you have plenty. If you have food in your fridge, money in your bank account, a roof over your head, your bills are covered, you’ll be okay. I urge you to do something outside of yourself today and in the next two weeks and show your friends, local business owners and communities how we can help each other in such a crazy time. What you do now will affect what happens for the future, so make it count and be kind to one another!

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