We have tried just about every social editing app out there so we know the struggle when you’re trying to find the right one. We wanted to share with you the apps that we believe are tried and true and the ones we use every day!

  1. Mojo 

If you’re looking for a way to level up in your Instagram Stories, this is the app for you. They have a variety of free and premium animated story designs that you can choose from based on your desired aesthetic. This app is extremely user-friendly and can make your stories really stand out compared to the ones before and after them. You can choose a certain template and continue to use that as your branded story so people know what to expect when they see your posts every day.

  1. Unfold 

This is also a great app to use for your Instagram Stories. You can use their various templates to showcase your images in a high quality design and layout. This is a free app and again, is very user-friendly. You can easily make graphics on the go so you don’t have to worry about using your computer to create those static graphics for your stories again and again.

  1. Lightroom 

Lightroom is a photo editing software created by Adobe which is very widely used. You can use the monthly paid option or download the free app for your phone/computer. There are differences in the paid version of this app versus the free one, but regardless of which version you’re utilizing, it is still a great editing app even for those who may not be a professional photographer. This app allows you to edit your photos with extreme detail, as well as use any presets that you may use for your photos.  

  1. Milkshake 

Essentially, Milkshake allows you to create beautiful and custom layouts for your Instagram link. This way, when you direct people to a link in your bio, they will open it and be able to easily find the content that you are trying to get them to read or buy. You can create cards that will mimic certain pages that you have on your website, and reflect a similar aesthetic and display of information, just simpler. In this way, viewers aren’t waiting for your website to load or having to search through your website for the information that you are prompting them to find. You can change the colors, add photos, and create custom cards that represent each page on your site.

We hope that you’ve found this article useful! We would love to hear what kind of apps you use!

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