We know all too well that business and life can get in the way and make it difficult to pay attention to growing your own social channels, regulating website traffic, and building your email list. One of the things that we do in advance for ourselves and for our clients is schedule our posts at least a month in advance. This alleviates the stress of having to think about what to post every single day and spending too much time worrying what to say or which photos to use. When we plan photographs, graphics, and captions in advance, we are able to send the resulting content calendar to our clients to approve before it goes out for that month. There are so, so many different scheduling tools out there and believe us, we’ve tried them all, but none of these tools really serve us to such a full capacity as with Sprout Social. 

  1. Pricing 

We have truly tried everything from utilizing free scheduling and publishing tools to adding a huge expense to our businesses expenses by using more pricey sites and tools. Entrepreneurship is all about figuring out what works for you and your business, and Sprout Social is the one thing that has always helped our business as opposed to hindering it. We’ve moved away from Sprout before, and ended up coming back because there really is not a comparison in relation to other similar programs. They have extremely affordable plans, starting at $100, and offer a variety of tools that will help you in growing your social channels and platforms. In our opinion, it is absolutely worth the investment for your business, especially if you’re working as a freelancer or within a creative agency. 

  1. Analytics 

Spout Social has very robust and extensive analytics for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin and Google. It’s important to track your businesses success every month to make sure that what you’re posting is both reaching your goals and increasing your engagement. Whether you’re running paid ads or just using an organic strategy, you can track your insights through Sprout Social. They make it incredibly easy to export to share with both your team and your clients as well. 

  1. Easily Answer Messages/Comments 

Within Sprout, there is a section entirely dedicated to keeping track of all messages and comments that come through your social channels. It’s extremely convenient being able to answer all incoming messages and comments in one place as it helps keep things organized to ensure that you know what’s been answered and what hasn’t. You can also track messages by person, so if someone is continuously posting or engaging with your content, you’ll be able to track all of that and see the conversations that you’ve previously had with that specific person. 

  1. See all restaurant Reviews 

If you’re a restaurant, you can also track all of your reviews directly withiin Sprout. For every positive review you receive, you’ll be able to track that information and use those reviews for social graphics. Even if you receive a negative review, you can track that information in this same spot and have the ability to handle that review accordingly. 

All in all, as a business, you need a handy and multi-functional tool to help to alleviate some of the stress which comes with social marketing and advertising strategies. Sprout Social is the only tool that we would recommend to make your life easier and to execute seamless organic marketing strategies for your business, whatever it may be.

If you’d like to try Sprout Social for yourself or your company, use this link: https://bit.ly/2nFMMuq

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