Sometimes when thinking about your own business, it’s hard to remember or create what you think your audience wants to see. When we create content, we think about it from the consumer standpoint. If I were going to a restaurant, what would I want to see on their social media? What would make me want to go to that restaurant over the others I have on my list? Here are some ideas for content that you can create for your social media platforms to help drive organic traffic and engagement. 


In pretty much every industry, you look at reviews before buying. You want to know what other peoples experiences were and how they enjoyed their product or service. Same goes for the food industry! It will encourage people to come in and try your food when they see that other people had an incredible experience at your restaurant. You can use apps or look on Pinterest to get inspiration to create a specialized branded graphic for your reviews. This way, people won’t even have to research or put much thought into finding your review because they know what type of graphic or photo to look for. 

Here are some examples: 

Branded Food Photography

Having branded food photography will help your audience identify your food as soon as they see the image. Hire a photographer to someone with experience to create visually appealing food photos for your brand so it entices people to come into your restaurant. You want people to hear their stomach growling after seeing your photos so make sure you are thinking outside of the box when it comes to your food photos. This is also your chance to educate people on your menu. In the caption, you can include what is on that specific menu item so people know what they are getting before they come in and get it. 


User Generated Content

Whenever someone comes into your restaurant and shares a photo of their meal on their story or feed, make sure you save it! You can repost those to your own feed or story to show appreciation to your customer. This also shows that people are coming into your restaurant and enjoying their food! 


Community Events

If you or your restaurant are taking part in community events or even hosting events, make sure you are sharing that to your feed as well. If you want people to attend your event, social media is the perfect place to increase your awareness around your event. You can continue to post to your story about the details on the event and get people to interact with your posts. If it’s ticketed, you can do giveaways on your feed or partner with other businesses or people to generate buzz around your event. 

On the other end, if you and your employees are going to charity events or helping to cater events, make sure you share on your own social platforms while you’re there. It shows that you are thinking outside of just your storefront and that you are available to take part in those opportunities! 


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