We know first hand how challenging it can be to come up with content every day or every week. Sometimes remembering to post is a chore in itself. What we have found to be helpful to us is creating content calendars for each month. By doing this, it helps spark more creativity, reach our goals and ultimately, take out the stress of having to remember to post every day. 

Set aside time towards the end of each month to create your calendar for the upcoming month and be proactive about it. The purpose of this is to save time in the long run by allotting a certain amount of time to plan it all in advance. That way you can focus on other tasks in your month and eliminate the daily or weekly task of coming up with content and social posts.

First, start off by checking if the upcoming month has any big holidays. Take note of those holidays in your content calendar. Next, check if there are any national days, weeks, or months and take note of those in your calendar as well. 

Second, take a look at your community. What things are going on locally? By doing this it can help you stay connected with your community while allowing your content to come naturally and not forced. Festivals and sporting events would be great examples of things to take note of.

Lastly, turn your attention towards you and your company. Focus on what you have coming up and highlight those in your content calendar. For example, we wrote a blog post about what we learned in the first two years of business and how we celebrated it with a fundraiser event. 

By using this content calendar method, we have saved a huge amount of time and it’s made content flow much easier for us.


Keep in mind for the month of August that it’s “back-to-school” mode AND football season is kicking off. These are two huge opportunities for you to take advantage of. By using hashtags you reach more people and bring in an audience to view your content.

Examples of hashtags: #backtoschool #school #schoolsupplies #CFB #collegefootball #gameday #tailgate

Don’t forget to utilize stories for content and engagement as well. These can play a big role in gaining followers and reach. Use the poll, chat, comment, quiz, donation, and countdown stickers to get your followers more active with you. Go live with your followers and get them to interact with you. There are so many other options for Instagram stories, those are just to name a few.


Monday, Aug 5th:

Use a catchy phrase like “Motivational Monday” or “Move It Monday” to start the week off right. This gets your followers engaged and excited for not only their week but whats to come from you! Maybe consider making this post a creative video to tie in what it is you are getting your audience motivated for in an engaging way. Even just simply creating a unique graphic with that motivational quote, will catch the eye of your audience.

Tuesday, Aug 6th:

THANK YOU’S. On Tuesday, we say thank you. Take each Tuesday to thank someone who has either helped you, someone else, the community or whatever else you see fit. It could be a thank you to your sister who helped you get through a rough week or it can be and thank you to a local business who put on a fundraiser for a local non-profit. Taking this time to shine a light on people who are doing good things in the world will show you aren’t a robot behind a screen and that you are a genuine person. This will naturally bring you more followers and engagement. Plus, giving recognition makes people feel good inside.

Wednesday, Aug 7th:

Use this day to write a blog post about what you, personally, have coming up. Think of it as a promotional Wednesday. Do you have an upcoming project launching? Is there a new campaign you’re on that you want to highlight? Do you have an event you are planning that you would be proud to share? Do you have brand identity graphic design work you’d like to show off? Take Wednesdays to do this! Show the world your skills/talents and what you are working on.

Thursday, Aug 8th:

Choose today to have a conversation with your followers. What is a trending topic in your industry that will get your followers to engage with you. For example, ask your followers what their thoughts are on Instagram doing away with likes. Ask them how they feel it will affect their career in particular for good or bad. Make sure that when the comments begin to flow in that you are also interacting with your followers in the comments as well.

Friday, Aug 9th:

National Women’s Day! Take time to show the women some love today. This can be a fun but serious post to show you stand with women and for a cause.

Saturday, Aug 10th:

National Lazy Day. This is for fun and you can really show your personality here. Create something that your audience can truly relate to.

Sunday, Aug. 11th:

Create a post based on your last thought of the week. Was there something on your mind all week that was reoccurring? Do you want to take time to reflect on your week? Do you want to share your tips on best practices to get ready for the week. Maybe you want to get real with your followers and talk about a small fail you had this week. Connect with your followers on Sunday and take time to reflect and gather yourself.

XX, Megan + Tayler

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