Create a sense of FOMO 

Show behind-the-scenes and give your audience a peak into what it’s like to be in your life or in your business. Leave people wanting to see more of you or more of your brand because ultimately, that’s what will keep them coming back. If you have an event or a product launch, use the countdown sticker to let your audience know how much longer they have to wait. Even if you have tickets that are about to go on sale, use that sticker to create the urgency and excitement around the sale. You can also create FOMO by sharing testimonials and case studies. When people see the success you are bringing someone else, they will want that too. 

Don’t Jump The Gun 

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in your industry or you’re brand new to the game, education is always key. Don’t start your profile and immediately start selling your product or service and use sales-y copy. People will not buy into a product/service that they don’t know and that they don’t trust. Social media is a place to build a relationship with your audience. Not just through your photos but through dm’s and comments. From these relationships, you’ll build credibility, and then your consumer will buy from you. Not only should you build relationships, but you should and need to educate your potential customer on your product or service. Most likely, your customer won’t know all of the benefits of what you’re selling or how it all works, so you need to make sure that you are explaining all of that through your stories. Using stories you can take your audience through what you do, step-by-step, so that it alleviates some fear or apprehension they may have been feeling about your brand or using your product/service. 

Make That Hashtag Game STRONG 

Let us just tell you, HASHTAGS WORK!! While it’s ideal that all of your followers see your content, it’s also great for you to be reaching people who are following hashtags that pertain to your product or service, as well as your brand. Not only can you use them in your feed, you can use them in your stories as well. When choosing your hashtags, be sure to be specific and not spammy. And of course, best practice is to utilize your hashtags in all of your content and across all of your strategies. By doing this, people will start to recognize those hashtags and associate them with you!

Pro Tip: You can use third party apps to monitor what hashtags are bringing in the most people to your page and then start to optimize your hashtag blocks. 

Schedule! Schedule! Schedule!

We know first hand how difficult it is to find the time or even remember to post to your feeds on a daily basis, let alone post to your stories. Here’s a tip though….SCHEDULE YOUR CONTENT IN ADVANCE! We cannot stress enough how much easier your life will be, as well as how much more cohesive and streamlined your social feeds will be. It’s going to save you so much time from stressing every single day about trying to remember to post something. Good news too! You can schedule your stories in advance! Feel free to schedule that generalized content, but then still be sure to upload your day-to-day sharing when it feels right and when you have something interesting you want to share. 

XX, Megan + Tayler

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