There are so many ways that you can research your audience, but for the sake of time and knowledge, we are going to talk about the systems and apps we use to get this information. 

Facebook – Audience Insights 

When you set up your Facebook page with a Business Manager, you can access your Audience Insights through the top navigation. Within this section, you can research and create audiences that will help you to get insight as to what your audience likes, even outside of your specific industry. You can input different interests, cities, ages, and genders in order to see what other pages or specific interests your audience may have. Sometimes information and insights come up that you wouldn’t think to include in your targeting and marketing strategy. This will help you to think outside of the box with your campaign strategy and more specifically, with your targeting. 

It’s important to know the interests of your customer, in all aspects, so that you can use the correct targeting for your ads. You can also leverage this information when you are creating graphics or when you want to do business partnerships. When forming business collaborations, you are able to utilize their network and vice versa. It’s the best selling point in order for both businesses to increase brand awareness. 

Google Analytics 

Within Google Analytics, there are several tools that you can use in order to find out more about the people that visit your website. Using code that is placed in the header of your site, it tracks every visitor and their movements across your site. You can see information like demographics, interests, geography, devices and much, much more.

With this information, you’ll be able to see the type of person and who your business needs to target. You can create personas based on this information in order to target your audience on other platforms and create targeted campaign strategies. Utilizing this information will allow you to get granular with your campaign targeting, so that you can attract the right people to your product or service.

XX, Megan + Tayler

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