1. Teaching/Educational 

Ask questions in order to teach your audience about what you do. Test your audience on whether or not they truly understand what you do or what your processes are. This is the perfect way to educate your audience on what you do and how it works so that the process of coming to your brand or business is a little less intimidating. 


2. Weekly/Monthly Goals/Challenges 

Create some sort of group challenge that you can have weekly check-ins with. Whether that be a health goal, wellness goal, business goal, etc, get people to engage with your brand but also with a community. Ask people to share their weekly goals and a Story template that they can have a daily check-in and accountability check. They can tag you in those Stories and you can engage with them and congratulate them on their success. 


3. Create Monthly Specials

If you’re thinking about doing a giveaway or a discount, allow your audience to create it! Create three different polls where they can pick between 2 different items or services that can be packaged up.  Then whatever options have the highest number of votes, put those three items into an exclusive monthly discount or giveaway. 


4. Understanding Your Audience

You can utilize polls in order to understand what your audience likes to do, what they eat, where they go, what they do in their free time, etc. You can then utilize that information in order to educate and offer services that you can provide to them. This can also just be totally off the wall by asking personal questions. Get to know people on a more personal level and build relationships with your followers because this will create trust and a certain level of credibility to your brand. 

***Quick Tip: For all the people who answer the last one, offer them a discount to come in and buy your protein powder!


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