Now that the holiday season has come to a close, you can use the information from 2018 to create a marketing strategy that works! I’m sure you know by now that social media should play a integral part of your marketing plan for 2019. We want you to be set up for success and achieve the goals you’ve set for your business. 80% of users follow a Business on Instagram so make sure that you’ve optimized your profile and you’ve made a plan that will work. 

1. Instagram Bio (profile, bio, link) 

Bio:  Use this portion to showcase the personality of your business. Say what you do and what makes you stand apart. Use this area to relate to your audience about the solution you provide to their problems. Make it intriguing, relatable but understood.

pro tip: You can also type out your bio in your notes so that you can make spaces and indents in each line or use emojis! 

Profile Photo:  Make sure you are showcasing your business/logo. It’s the first thing your audience sees so be sure your brand mark or logo is in this spot! 

Link:  We recommend signing up for a account. With, you can direct users to several different pages on a site. When they click on this link in your profile, another page will pop up giving them the option to click on one of the buttons that link out to a page you’ve specified. For example, on your page, you can have a button that links out to your blog page or your shop page or your discount page, making it easier for your audience to find the information that you just posted about. This alleviates you having to change your link in your bio EVERY TIME you post something, and instead, you can direct users to many destinations all under one link. 

2. Instagram Stories

Highlight Covers:  You can either use a color palette as the cover or you can create icons that indicate what the highlights stories are. We use icons on our highlights to describe the stories in them. We use a an airplane for travel, a computer for work, a lightbulb for our blog and a fist for motivation. Don’t be afraid to get create with these and showcase your talents. Just be sure that it speaks to your audience and is consistent with your brand guidelines.

Branded Templates:  If you don’t have a graphic designer on your team, there are apps that you can use to create a story template that will be sure to stand out. Create a few templates that you will consistently use. Whether it’s a specific graphic for tips, for behind-the-scenes, etc, you can consistently use that template every week. Use apps like Canva or Unfold to help create that branded consistency with your stories.

Highlight Content Examples:  Business services/products, tips, behind-the-scenes and motivation.

3. Content Posted 

Make your profile personable by using photos of people. This could be photos of the business owner, employees, contractors or even collaborators. Posts with people in them are statistically known to do better. 

Tips:  Whether you are a real estate agent and can offer tips for the buying process for a home or you own a retail store and you show “how to’s” when wearing certain items, people will gravitate towards information that will help make any process easier. 

Discounts/Giveaways:  No matter what industry you’re in, you can host giveaways for free things or free information. Partner with another business or influencer and create a campaign that will help with exposure for both parties. Keep in mind that you make the discount or giveaway worth it for your audience but don’t make the process too difficult. 

Humor:  You don’t ALWAYS have to be ALL business. People appreciate when your personality shines through in all aspects of your business. You can change words to songs that have to do with your post or make a joke so that your audience feels like you are more than just a business.  

4. Cross-Promotion 

If you are needing to increase your followers or your engagement rate, you can cross-promote your social channels within other marketing strategies. If you run an email campaign, put a social icon in your email that will direct your list to your IG account. If you really wanted it to be known, you could create an Instagram only discount/giveaway campaign and let your audience know that in order to enter they have to follow and like your post. You can use that campaign strategy on all of your other social channels, email strategies and on your website. 

5. Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate  

Partner with local businesses, influencers and even your “competition.” Collaborating with others will only help to lift you up and in turn lift the other business up that you’ve partnered with. When you collaborate with someone, you open up your business to an audience you wouldn’t necessarily be able to reach and it works on both ends of the partnership. It shows your willingness to help another businesses and build relationships even in the same industry as you. 

XX, Megan & Tayler

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