Social Media is more of a science than it is an art.  There are so many intricate details, and not to mention algorithms, that work together in order to make sure your content is being seen.  Here are the TOP 3 things you should be focusing on when it comes to your Social Media.

1. Consistency

  • Posting once per day is the sweet spot for any Facebook page
  • Posting too much will inundate your audience and then they will become annoyed by you and no longer engage with your brand
  • Not posting at all will result in no engagement and no audience
  • By offering your audience and customers consistency, it lets them know that you are a reliable and trustworthy source. A brand they would feel comfortable spending money on and investing in.

2. Engagement

When someone likes/comments/engages with your posts, it does several things:

  • First, when you post something and your audience likes/comments on it and they continue to do so, they will start seeing your content in their feed more often. Which in turns helps increase your engagement rate.
  • Not only does it help those people to see your content more often, it helps more of your posts get seen to the audience that hasn’t been engaging with your content. It opens up the door for more people to see and engage with your post and again, helps with your engagement rate.
  • This will also help your Facebook Ads, if you ever choose to run them.
  • Post captions that relate to your graphic, but elicits a response or a comment. Make sure that you are including your audience in the conversation by asking questions and inviting them to add their opinion or advice.
  • Strategize on contests that will help gain more followers, shares and increase engagement.

3. Visuals

  • Create customized and branded content that your audience will recognize.
  • If you sell products, create unique product photography by using other customer photos, include items that have to do with the season or trending topics and create graphics that will evoke an emotion.
  • If you sell services, you can create graphics that offer tips and tricks, testimonial videos or graphics about your satisfied clients or even featuring your clients on your social channels to show your appreciation.
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